Los Angeles Metro map print
Los Angeles Metro map print
Los Angeles Metro map print
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Los Angeles Metro map print

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This map of the modern LA Metro was a design experiment, based on the extremely abstract designs that Italian designer Massimo Vignelli did for the Washington Metro in the 1970s. For those who aren't design nerds, Vignelli was famous for stripped-down designs that designers adored and actual people were kinda "meh" about. His 1972 New York City Subway map is a design classic, and it absolutely sucked as a navigational tool because Vignelli decided to totally ignore the geography of NYC in favor of producing a clean design. Vignelli, infamously, put the 50th St and Broadway station on the wrong side of 8th Avenue - if you're not familiar with NYC, this is a cartographic crime. (It's like having a map of LA that puts UCLA west of the 405.)

Geographic quibbles aside, Vignelli's stuff is real pretty, and I've tried to replicate that aesthetic here as a sort of thought experiment - most of the maps I've designed use a significantly busier style.  In classic high modernist style, everything is stripped to the minimum: no distinction is made between LA's busways, light rail and subways.

- Printed on Satin finish 80# cover stock - 220 GSM in Nashville, Tennessee.
- Image will be printed with a border for framing.
- Please allow five business days for production before it gets shipped out.
- Free standard shipping within the US!
- Proudly made in the USA!

All designs I sell here are made by me! If there's something you'd like custom-made, shoot me a message.

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